Will my homeowners insurance cover hail, storm or wind damage to my roof?

Living in Michigan, you are bound to have damage to your roof by a storm at some point. Whether it’s a springtime thunderstorm or winter snowstorm that results in a kitchen mini flood, you and your family want to make sure your home is protected. The question is – will this type of damage be covered by your homeowners insurance?

Our team at Herbert’s Roofing has put together a brief list of coverage questions related to storm weather in Michigan. Read on if you want to be in the know about basic homeowners coverage and what you should keep top-of-mind when you need to file a claim.

When is my home covered by storm damage?

Wind and hail can do a number on Michigan roofs, but in most cases, damage from these elements is covered by your homeowners insurance policy. If you find your home damaged by a strong storm that rolled through the area, homeowners insurance will typically cover damage done to siding, shingles and your roof. Most insurance policies will even cover fallen trees that damage your home, if the tree or fallen obstacle resulted from a storm.

It is important to note that exceptions to roof coverage based on hail, storm and wind damage, do exist. If damage is not severe, your insurance company could classify the damage as “cosmetic” damage – which is commonly excluded from coverage. Before making a claim due to storm damage, make sure to assess the damage and its severity, as the deductible may end up being higher than the actual damage amount.

When should I file a claim due to storm damage?

In any case, if you are going to file a claim due to storm damage, it’s important to do so quickly. Most policies require you to file a claim due to storm damage within one year of noticing the damage. And if you have access to before and after pictures of the damage, it will make the process easier once you schedule an appointment with your insurance claim inspector.

However, before filing a claim, make sure the amount of the payout for the damage exceeds the deductible by double the amount. For example, if you think your home has ~$1,000 worth of damage and your deductible is $500, it may make sense to pay for the damage instead of filing and risk increasing your risk. You don’t want to pay more over the course of your home’s ownership based on a small claim you could have paid to fix yourself for cheaper.

As the weather and times are changing, don’t forget about your friends at Herbert Roofing! Ask us your questions, and get to know a roofing expert on our team. Whether you have roofing damage that needs to be fixed or an idea for a new look for your home, our team is available for your needs. We’ll provide you with the resources and team members to get the job done right, all in compliance with health regulations. Give us a call today!

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