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Why Is Summer the Best Time for a New Roof?

When it comes time for a roof replacement in Livingston Michigan, it can be tough to determine the best time of year for this project. The truth is that, unless you need a roofer to replace your roof immediately, summer is typically the best time to have it replaced. Here are a few reasons why.

Lower Chance of Rain

One of the best reasons that summer is the best season for a roofing replacement in Livingston County is the low chance of rain. Rain has the potential to delay an installation project for days at a time. Not only does work have to come to a halt, but there’s also the risk of damage to your home. Before all of your new shingles are installed, your home will be exposed to the elements. If water damage sets in, you may be dealing with more problems than needing a new roof. This could lead to mold, mildew, and even the need to replace all of the insulation in your attic if you’re not careful. When in doubt, try to book your installation during the summer months to reduce the risk of this kind of roof damage in MI.

Fewer Delays

Delays can come in many forms. While rain often delays installation projects on-site, there are manufacturing, shipping, and other delays that you’ll often need to worry about. These types of delays can mean roofing materials don’t arrive on-site in a timely fashion or that there are material shortages. In most cases, inclement weather is to blame for shipping delays. Seasons like winter and spring are notorious for weather delays. If you don’t want to risk delays with your roof installation in Michigan, it’s best to wait until summer whenever possible.

Less Disruptive

Having roofing work performed is loud, dusty, and overall chaotic for your family. Having your installation performed during the school year means having to navigate your kids through the chaos as they leave and arrive home. During the summer months, if it’s possible to have your kids stay with a friend or a relative while roofing work is being done. This way, there is less disruption to your day and your kids can enjoy their time in relative peace and quiet with their friends or family.

If you come away from your twice-annual roofing inspection and find that you need a new roof installed, try to schedule your installation for summer. You’ll reap all of these benefits and more.

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