Why is Attic Venting Important for My Roof

It’s no surprise that most attics and roofs are vented.  However, not all venting is created equal.  Many homes do not have enough attic ventilation, which can increase your energy bills.  Along with basic roof maintenance, proper attic ventilation should make it on your to-do list.  Learn more about why attic venting is so important for your roof, especially in Michigan:

Why Should I Car About Proper Attic Ventilation?

Attic ventilation ensures air flows through your attic and reduces the risk of air sitting with no movement.  Because of this, air can easily pass out of your attic, removing warm air and moisture.  Passing air escapes through the soffits and eaves, allowing for good air balance and temperature comfortability.

What Happens if I Don’t Have the Right Amount of Ventilation?

Poor heating and cooling are not the only things that result from improper attic venting.  The experts at Herbert’s Roofing have also seen these roof troubles with homes:

  • Premature Roof Replacement – Poor ventilation leads to more moisture, which can lead to the roof system to become soft and potentially rot. If this is the case, you may have to replace your roof earlier than the expected ~20 years.
  • Increased Energy Bills – Excess heat in the summer means your air conditioning unit must work harder to keep your home cool. Plan to see increased energy bills – especially in the summer – if your ventilation needs to be updated.
  • Ice Dam Build Up – It’s not just the summer you should be worried about. Without ventilation, your attic will be warmer than the outside of your roof in the winter, resulting in more melted snow.  After several refreezes, you’ll be welcoming massive ice dams to your home’s roof.
  • More Mold & Mildew – Warm, humid spaces often lead to an increased presence of mold and mildew, posing health risks to you and your family.

How Can I Improve the Ventilation in My Home?

If you’re looking to improve your home’s ventilation, we recommend installing roof vents and increasing the amount of insulation in your attic.  Installing roof vents is an easy task you can complete in a weekend.  Simply mark the roof venting locations from the attic, cut the holes, and install the vents.  You can also easily add insulation to your attic to help with venting problems – take a look at our top five tips for attic ventilation if this activity is on your checklist this season.

Not quite sure if your home needs more attic venting or not?  Contact your roofing experts at Herbert Roofing & Insulation, located in Saginaw, Michigan.  We provide full roofing and insulation service to Saginaw, Midland, Bay City, and surrounding areas and will make sure your attic is vented and insulated for the winter season.  Whether its attic venting or better insulation, our team can help your home feel more comfortable this holiday season.

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