Why do Michigan roofing companies use different brands of shingles?

With Michigan having lots of weather variability throughout the year, there is no wonder why Michigan roofing materials need to be built to last. Clear summer skies can easily turn into stormy skies in a matter of minutes and winter weather can drop below freezing. In order to get the most out of your roof, the roofing materials need to have the upmost quality and durability. Learn more about the importance of using durable roofing materials and the most common shingle brands in Michigan below.

Asphalt for the Win
The bottom line: the roofing choice of material for Michigan homeowners tends to be asphalt shingles because of its durability and cost-effectiveness. Asphalt shingles also come in a wide variety of styles and colors, which is preferable for many homeowners. In general, asphalt shingles are a great choice when dealing with variable weather because of a few factors:
Flexibility – Even in cold Michigan weather, asphalt remains flexible, so this material type can withstand continuous freezes and thaws.
Adhesion – Because of asphalt’s structure, the material acts as an adhesive, which holds together all of the shingle’s components.
Weight – Asphalt lays flat on a home’s roof because of the material’s weight, adding to its durability.
Not All Asphalt is Created Equally
Asphalt comes in different grades, so not all asphalt has the same durability and quality. The three main types of asphalt are 3-tab asphalt, fiberglass asphalt, and architectural style asphalt shingles, but there are many other types that could be suitable for your new roof. If you are choosing between the most common asphalt types, 3-tab asphalt is the most affordable shingle type to install, but they are thinner and deteriorate quicker than fiberglass or architectural shingles.

Popular Asphalt Shingle Brands
There are several shingle brands that are commonly used in Michigan, and Herbert Roofing makes it a point to offer the best quality shingle materials, so you can feel confident in your roofing purchase:
GAF – GAF Materials Corporation is one of the largest North American manufacturers of residential and commercial roofing materials because of its fiberglass asphalt make and included industry-topping warranty.
CertainTweed – CertainTweed is also an industry-leading manufacturer of roofing and building materials. The company sells 11 unique shingles lines with premium impact warranties and have Class 4 (highest rating) impact resistance for those pesky hailstorms and fallen trees.
Owens Corning – Owens Corning shingles are known for their large selection of materials, ranging from budget roofing materials all the way to high-end, making it a great choice for homeowners with any kind of budget.
No matter what asphalt shingle brand you decide to go with, you can be happy with your roofing purchase. As Herbert Roofing has been in the industry for nearly 50 years, we have an intimate understand of the roofing industry and how it relates to Michigan weather. Let us know with any of your roofing questions by contacting our expert team.

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