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Why Are Homeowners Leaning Toward Metal Roofing More Than Ever

When people replace the roof on their house, they want something that lasts a very long time. Roof replacement is intense work; for people who plan to be in their homes for decades, it’s work they’d rather not have to go through if they can help it. Metal roofing has become very popular because it offers many benefits people seek. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

It Lasts a Long Time

Metal roofing is not as susceptible to the effects of gradual weathering as other roof materials. Some natural disasters can damage any roof, but the effects of UV rays and heat, rain, snow, and even moderate hail are not as pronounced on metal roofs as on other types of roofing. The natural decay you see with other roofs doesn’t happen with metal. According to Whole Building Design Guide, metal roofs can last at least 30 years with little maintenance. This longevity ensures this material is an excellent investment for your home.

It’s More Difficult to Damage the Interior of Your Home

Along with lasting a long time and not showing the effects of the climate, metal roofing is harder to damage and thus is better at protecting the house under the roof. Moderate hail can damage tile and asphalt shingles, but it doesn’t do much to metal. Even better, if you live in an area where severe hailstorms are a risk, you know that massive hail can punch through most roofs, but it’s harder for that hail to punch through metal. Even if the hail damages the metal, your home has a better chance of surviving with damage only to the roof.

It’s Great in Snowy Areas

Snow accumulation on roofs can be dangerous because too much snow and weight can cause houses to collapse. This is why you must clear snow off your top instead of letting it melt. For example, getting the snow off can be difficult with an asphalt shingle roof. The roughness of the shingles doesn’t let snow go easily. But snow slides off metal fairly easily. Even if you still have to hire people to clear the roof, the work will go faster.

Call our team to discuss metal roofing options and see if it’s the perfect material for your home. The longevity and toughness of metal will allow you to have a sturdy roof without constant worry. Keep your home safe with help from our team today!

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