When is the Best Time to Schedule a Roof Inspection with Local Roofers Near me?

Many homeowners often overlook roof inspections until problems like leakages, mold growth, and other structural issues manifest. Research shows one in four homeowners hardly inspect the roofs while others have roofs inspected when there’s a problem. The truth is preventive roof maintenance is critical to identifying and correcting problems early. It is not just about scheduling routine maintenance with local roofers near me but also finding the most appropriate time to perform an inspection. Here are some tips.

During the Fall Season

Fall is the most appropriate time to schedule a roof inspection because it is the most temperate season. It also marks the transition from summer to winter; temperatures are not as cold as during winter or too hot as in the summer season. Generally, freezing temperatures affect the integrity of a new roof and repairs like shingle replacement because they can’t seal properly. In addition, icy roofs can be dangerous to work on, so problems discovered late in the season need to wait until spring to get fixed.

Another reason a roof inspection should be done during fall is that certain treatments take a long time to get completed. Treatment for moss, for example, requires extensive work sometimes lasting up to 180 days. As such, if local roofers near me discover moss during fall, there’s a chance to get rid of them before cold weather sets in. The treatment can work on the destructive fungi during the long winter months and then sweep off in the next season.

When You Notice Roof Leaks

Leaks compromise the structural integrity of the roof because they cause water to seep through the roof causing mold growth. Walls and ceiling may also develop stains indicating leaks on your roof. Common causes of roof leaks include:

    • Age: Roofing materials deteriorate over time and become less effective at keeping the water out. In addition, temperature fluctuations weaken roofing materials causing them to crack
    • Slope: If the roof’s slope is too shallow, it may develop leaks. The wind lifts the shingles causing rainwater to seep through
    • Missing shingles: Strong winds can pull away the roof’s shingles leaving an exposed area that causes leaks
    • Roof vents: Any penetration should be sealed properly to prevent leaks. The gaskets should be inspected for gaps, cracks, or missing nails

A free roof inspection should enable professionals to identify all such problems early before they escalate into serious roofing problems.

States Wrought with Storms

If you live in a state that experiences storms regularly, you may want to schedule an inspection after the storm. Conventional shingle roofs may not exhibit damage until the roof starts leaking. Enlisting the help of local roofers near me should help identify such a problem and repair it before the next storm strikes. Other common roof problems after a storm include ice dams, warped rafters, peeling paint near the roofline, moisture build-up in the attic, and scratches around the roof.

Have an Aged Roof

It is important to schedule an inspection with your local roofer if your roof’s life is 10 or more years after installation. While manufacturers offer 25 to 30-year guarantees, they are only applicable when the weather is perfect. Temperature fluctuations affect a roof’s life significantly so even a metal roof with a 40 to 70-year guarantee has a shorter lifespan. Other factors affecting the life of a roof include:

    • Color: Dark-colored roofs absorb more heat which shortens their life. Conversely, light-colored shingles reflect light hence not likely to wear out rapidly
    • Roof orientation: If a roof’s slope is facing south, it will absorb more heat as the sun shines in this direction. As such, it is likely to have shorter roof life
    • The quality of installation: A sloppy installation shortens the life of a roof
    • Multi-layer roofs: If a roof is installed over an existing roof, it will have a shorter life
    • Attic ventilation: A poorly ventilated attic causes moisture build up which shortens roof life

These points should help you schedule an inspection with local roofers near me at the right time. A timely inspection maintains your roof’s integrity while improving longevity.

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