When is the best month to replace my roof?

We’ve all been there – you notice a leak in the roof a little too late and realize it’s probably time to replace your roof. No one likes to make a quick decision with their investments, so of course, the best time to replace a roof is when you’ve planned for it ahead of time.

When thinking about major repairs – like a roof replacement – the time of year, company, and (potential) damage all play an important role in determining cost. Planning what month to replace your roof could drastically reduce total repair costs.

Summer vs. Winter Replacement

People are out and about when it’s nice outside, and roof repairs follow suite. Roofing contractors and companies are always busiest in early summer through late fall. Because demand is high in the summer months, there is sometimes a waitlist and prices tend to be steep. There are pros and cons to replacement in both summer and colder, winter months, but you will likely get a better quote in late fall and winter months, as well as stay ahead of any damage that snow and ice may cause.

Winter Replacement

In the winter months, homeowners have the choice to pick any roofing company to repair a roof because of less demand in the market. Even though it may be more difficult to replace shingles in colder weather, as long as the thermal sealing is done correctly, your roof will last just as long as a roof replaced in the summer. Additionally, roofing companies do not offer different warranties based on installation temperature, so even if something does happen a few years down the road, you and your home are covered. 

Summer Replacement

As summer months tend to be busier for roofing companies, prices tend to be through the roof, too. Along with higher costs, roofers still need to be careful about pressure applied to shingles in warmer weather. If not adjusted properly, nails guns can damage roofing materials, causing the roof to last a portion of the time it would otherwise. 

All in all, if your roof needs to be replaced because of serious damage, you’ll need a roofing company to come out and assess you roof. However, if you are able to plan ahead and replace your roof in the late fall and winter months, you’ll end up paying less overall than if you did so in the middle of summer. We recommend checking your roof for damage regularly, so you can get ahead of repairs before it’s too late.

If you think you’ll need a roofing job done in the near future, now might be the best time to call your local roofing company, so you can pay less and get the job done right. Herbert Roofing is always here for your home’s wellbeing, so give us a call and we will assess your roof before the summer season hits. We can guarantee you’ll be happier with a roofing replacement now over waiting for someone to be available in the early summer months!

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