What to Ask During Your Roof Replacement Estimate?

Once you dive into shopping for roof replacement estimates, it can get overwhelming quick.  What does the typical roof replacement estimate look like?  What should it include?  Many homeowners jump into the process without knowing the basics.  We’re here to set the expectations and provide you information so you’re not taken advantage when you shop around. Take a look at the below topics that should be brought up when discussing roof replacement estimates with your next contractor or roofing company:

Will you provide a list of items that need to be replaced?

Set the expectation that you want a detailed list of the items that will be replaced after the roofing inspection.  If you’re met with a “no”, it’s best to look elsewhere.  As there are five main components of a roof system, make sure the size, manufacturer, and estimate are recorded for the following:

  • Underlayment – Felt used over the decking for extra protection from the elements
  • Ice and water shield – Waterproof membrane to keep water and ice out of your room home
  • Starter shingles – Asphalt-based shingles that are used to waterproof the eaves and rakes
  • Shingles – Visible layer of asphalt shingles you and your neighbors see!
  • Ridge capping – Trim installed at the peak, where the two sides of your roof come to a point

How is labor factored in?

Along with the list – and estimate – for each roof item that needs to be replaced, we recommend each line item has labor factored into it.  Typically, each line item should include the cost of the material itself and the labor for the replacement.

Is my property protected during the replacement?

Make sure your property is protected throughout the duration of the roof replacement.  Ask if there will be a line item for property protection and how much it will cost to protect your home and property.  Your roofing contractor or company should cover everything in your attic – and your pool – if you have one.

This would also be a good time to cover dump fees and clean up.  Roof replacements results in a lot of debris, which often falls onto the property.  Dump and clean up fees – as well as the labor – should be included in the final estimate.  You don’t want to pay extra on top of your roofing costs, or even worse, have to remove the debris yourself.

Will the warranty type be included in the estimate?

Always read the fine print that’s included in your roof warranty and estimate.  This should include the warranty on the materials, enhanced manufacturer warranty (if provided), and the workmanship warranty.

We know navigating estimates can be difficult.  That’s why the experts at Herbert Roofing take customers through the estimate line by line.  We ensure transparency throughout the entire evaluation, estimate, and pricing process so you feel confident in the price we quote.  If you’re looking to get your roof replaced with no hidden fees and costs, give us a call at Herbert Roofing.

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