What To Ask a Roof Repair Contractor

Maybe there’s been a storm lately, or maybe there’s water dripping into one of your rooms. Whatever the situation, you need to repair your roof. Whether you are dealing with a residential roofing contractor or a commercial roofing contractor, here are key questions to ask about repairing your property.

1. Ask About Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the most essential elements in real estate. Should you have to replace your roof, it will be important to inquire about the type of shingles and finishes that are available. Ask your roofer’s opinion. Selecting the appropriate look will enhance not only the visual appeal of your property, but it also will help in the value of the property should you decide to sell it at some point in the future.

2. Ask About Durability

Make sure you ask how long the new roof will last. It is possible to just replace part of a roof, or replace the shingles on the existing roof with new shingles. It is also a possibility to completely replace the entire roof. All of these are big projects, each with different price tags. And even though you may be very fond of your local roofer, replacement is probably not the type of project that you want to repeat any sooner than necessary. Reminder: Also check the warranty and get everything in writing!

3. Ask About Gutters

It’s important when you are having work done by a professional roofing installation company to make sure that you have a clear picture of the entire project. This means that the work being done on the roof may extend beyond the roof to other areas of the structure. One instance of this is the gutters. Taking care of your gutters ensures that the water running off your roof will be directed away from your property. This will help avoid potential damage to your property.

4. Ask About Windows

If there have been leaks in a roof, water may have damaged other parts of your property. This would include window frames. Make sure that your roof estimate includes and assess the structural integrity of the windows. And if replacement windows are recommended, be sure to ask about energy-efficient windows.

5. Ask About Siding

In the same vein as windows, siding can also be eroded or damaged by the elements or by the passage of time. Be sure to ask if the professional roofing company would install the siding. Then ask what kind of siding they would work with since there are different kinds of siding. The type of siding that you would need on your property would depend on the weather in your area. For instance, if your property is located in a region that experiences frequent and heavy wind storms, the siding that you would need would be different from an area that had less severe winds.

6. Ask About Materials

Above everything else, make sure to inquire about the materials that will be used on your roof. Find out exactly what materials will be used by the roofing company. Ask what kind of shingles will be used, for instance. There are many choices such as slate, asphalt, metal, and more. The roofing materials that you use on your roof will have a direct impact on your home’s energy needs. For instance, you could experience a decrease of as much as 30% on your usage simply by choosing the right roofing materials.

Recap: Roof Repair

As with most things in life, preparation really helps in achieving a successful outcome. So, do your research before you higher a roofing contractor. This way, you will be familiar with the steps involved in the repair project that you need to complete, and you’ll be able to work more effectively with your contractor.

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