What should I look for in a Michigan roofing companies?

You want things done right the first time, especially if you’re looking to replace your roof.  However, finding the perfect roofer match isn’t easy!  With many roofing companies and roofers in the marketplace, it can be difficult to hone in on the things that matter most when deciding what roofer to choose for the job.  When looking for Michigan roofing companies in your area, make sure these things don’t slip through the cracks:

Roofing Experience & Licensing

Once you identify a handful of Michigan roofing companies in your area, the first thing you should ask about is experience.  You want to make sure your roofer has experience dealing with Michigan weather, materials you’d like to use on your roof, and knows how to fix problems before they actually occur.  Installation techniques are a big deal, too, so before you go based on experience alone, make sure you check to see if all the roofers on the team are licensed.  After all, it’s best if a professional installs your new roof over a good friend that has done some roofing work ‘here and there’.

Free Roofing Estimates Upfront

Whether you choose to go with a roofing company or a contractor, they should always come out to your home to assess the situation before getting to work.  Don’t trust a roofer that provides a quote without assessing your roof.  It’s hard to estimate roof pricing based on description alone, and overestimates and overcharges are likely to occur if you choose to go this route.  And don’t forget – once you have that estimate, get it in writing!

Fair Pricing & Warranties

Cost matters.  But before you choose a roofing company on pricing alone, check to see what’s included in payment.  Experience and quality are known factors that go into pricing, and the type of roofing warranty is an important piece of the contract that is often overlooked.

First of all, if a roofer does not provide a warranty on the work and roof, try a different company.  Once you get estimates of the work and warranties they offer, compare all the quotes.  Not all warranties are equal, so you will want to look at these closely before making an investment in a roofing company.

Safety in Bad Weather

Unfortunately, we must worry about weather and how that affects the roofing process in the state of Michigan!  If your roofing company has been in the business long enough, they have had to deal with Michigan weather.  Make sure your roofing company or contractor has a good answer when you ask how they deal with non-optimal weather.  There should always be a plan set in action, which involves covering your roof as soon as possible to eliminate possibilities of moisture entering the home.

If you’re looking to get roofing repairs done or re-done, now is the perfect time!  Call Herbert Roofing at (855) 542-7663 today or contact us online for a free estimate on your project, so we can get to work.

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