What are essential and non-essential business definitions for Michigan?

“Stay Home, Stay Safe.” This phrase has been the motto for Michigan and many other states due to our country’s public health state and executive order set by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. But what exactly does this mean for businesses?

Depending on if your business is deemed an “essential” or “non-essential” business, this could mean different things. Take a look below to understand what this means for local Michigan businesses and the precautions Herbert Roofing has set in place to stay safe:

How do you determine whether a business is essential?

It’s an eerie situation when determining whether your business is essential or non-essential. There has been confusion over what’s considered essential and non-essential, particularly in the state of Michigan. The term essential business includes places such as hospitals, grocery stores, and pharmacies; whereas, non-essential business may include businesses like car dealerships and salons.

How do you report your business’ status?

It’s not always that easy to determine how to categorize your business in these uncertain times. Small business owners must self-select and report if they are an essential or non-essential business in Michigan, giving company owners the power to choose to stay open.

However, businesses that choose to stay open and are not considered to be essential might run into some problems. The state of Michigan is issuing civil fines for those who violate the order, and in order to mitigate fine risks, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has recommended business stay closed until further notice if they are unsure if their business is essential or not.

So, are roofing companies essential?

Yes – roofing companies are deemed essential! Herbert Roofing Company is still quoting jobs and conducting essential roofing repairs, all with strict safety protocols in place. As COVID-19 has continued to spread, we have implemented preventative measures to mitigate the spread of the virus among employees and customers by having employees arrive in separate vehicles and not physically entering homes. We aim to provide the highest of safety precautions during this time in order to protect our employees and customers from health concerns.

Is it safe to get my roof repaired or replaced?

You may be wondering: even if roofing companies are deemed to be essential, is it safe to have workers over when social distancing is recommended?

The answer is yes. All roofing companies – including Herbert Roofing – are taking precautions to ensure workers do not enter facilities in promotion of social isolation. In these tough times, we understand roofing emergencies happen, and we are here to support you efficiently and safely.

Safety has always been a top of priority for Herbert Roofing, and we take pride in knowing we are supporting our employees and customers in the safest way possible. If you have any questions about COVID safety or roofing quotes, contact us at any time. We are here to answer your questions and meet your needs in this time of uncertainty.

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