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Should You Get a New Roof?

A new roof can give your house a fresh look, and it may increase the resale value of your home. In fact, the return on investment for a new asphalt shingle roof is about 62%. But how do you know you need to get a new roof? Here are some signs to look out for from a roofing contractor located in Brighton Michigan.

  1. Water Leaks Into the House

When water starts to get into your house instead of staying on the outside of it, this is a bad sign for your roof. A few puddles in certain areas can be fixed with relative ease by simply applying a sealant to the area. If you notice that your whole roof is leaking or if water is getting into places that it shouldn’t be able to enter, then the best option might be to replace your roof altogether with a roofing contractor in Michigan.

  1. Age

If your roof is over 20 years old, it may be time to consider a new one from a roofing contractor near you. The materials used for roofs today are far superior to those used decades ago. So, if you have an old roof, it might be more efficient and durable to simply replace it instead of spending money trying to maintain it.

  1. Roof Replacement Is Cheaper Than Repair

If you need repairs, but have repairs that would cost just as much as installing a new roof, get a new roof. Even if your roof is technically still in good condition, with its age and potential damage from weather, it may not last another year.

  1. Your Roof Doesn’t Match Your Home

Your roof should be a good match for your home, both in style and color. If it doesn’t match or you haven’t kept up on the necessary repairs, then perhaps it is time to get a new roof.

  1. Your Roof Was Damaged By an Extreme Weather Event

If your roof is damaged during an extreme weather event, such as a hurricane or excessive rainfall, it’s better to replace it with a local Michigan roofing contractor. If your shingles are peeled back or torn from the roof, then no matter how strong they are, you’ll eventually wind up with leaks that cost you more than replacing the entire roof.

These are some signs that indicate it’s time to get a new roof. A new roof will give your house a fresh look, increase its resale value, and might even save you money in the long run. If you aren’t sure whether you need one, then contact a roofing contractor at Herbert Roofing today.

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