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Why You Should Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

A good-looking roof does more than add curb appeal to your property.  The roof is a fundamental part of your home, protecting it from the elements and helping with ventilation.  Rather than waiting for major roofing issues, it’s best to do maintain your roof and conduct small repairs when you notice something is wrong.  This will save you time and money prematurely replacing your roof.


How to Know It’s Time for Roofing Repairs 

Sometimes, it can be challenging to know when to get roofing repairs.  We recommend all homeowners inspect their home bi-annually to check for missing shingles, mold, and water damage.  If you proactively look for early signs of roof damage, you will minimize property damage and repair costs.


In general, your roof should be replaced every 15-30 years.  A good rule of thumb is to note when your neighbors replace their roofs, since neighborhood homes are typically built in the same timeframe.  At the end of the day, roof replacement timeframes vary by the roofing material and what your home is exposed to on a regular basis.


Finding the Best Roofing Contractors in Howell

If you’re already in the market for roof repairs or replacement, you may be wondering: who should I hire?  Here are a few tips to find the roofer that’s right for you and your home:

  • Get a referral from friends or family – If someone you trust recently had their roof replaced, ask them for recommendations. Referrals are the best way to understand the local Howell contractor market – both the good and bad.
  • Do some online roofing contractor shopping – Online resources and reviews are also a great way to evaluate quality, customer service, and timeliness. Check out our favorite online resources and review platforms to get your Howell roofing contractor search started.
  • Avoid storm chasers at all costs – Some roofing contractors will try and take advantage of homeowners after a big Michigan storm. If you find a roofing contractor at your door within days of a storm, it’s best to say no thanks.


Get Everything in Writing – And Read It

Before signing on any dotted line, make sure to get the agreement terms in writing – and actually read the document.  You will want to know the estimated project cost, length of time, and crew required to get the job done the right way.  And if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


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Looking for a roof inspection or need repairs completed?  The experts at Herbert Roofing are here to get the job done the right way, the first time around.  With nearly 50 years of experience providing roofing repairs and replacement in Howell MI, we aim to exceed expectations and provide you the best quality roofing repairs in the state of Michigan.


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