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Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractors Before They Begin Work

Choosing the right roofing contractor for your roofing repairs and roofing needs is crucial. There are thousands of complaints that are lodged against roofing contractors each year. Let’s explore some questions that you should ask prospective roofing professionals before you enter into any agreement.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

When deciding upon the perfect roofing contractors, you want to know how long have they been in operation. You want to get an idea of the sort of reputation they have and how long they have been doing roof repair and related jobs.

Who Will Be Installing My Roof?

Another important question you want to ask your roofing contractors is who will spearhead the roofing installation and perform the roofing installation task? Does your roofing company hire sub-contractors? Knowing who will perform your roofing installation and work will help you to better understand the operations of the company.

Do You Have Past Roofing Jobs That I Can View or Look At?

Your perspective roofing contractor company should be able to show you a portfolio of previous roofing work. “Before and after” photos are great ways to garner business. The roofing company that you will possibly hire should have photographic evidence of the transformations they made of roofs and homes in your area.

Do You Offer A Free Roof Estimate?

Your proposed roofing contractor should be able to provide you an estimate of what your roofing repairs or new roof will cost. When you have an idea of the cost of the roofing work that needs to be done, you as a homeowner can plan, budget, and make sound financial decisions for your home.

How Will You Protect My Driveway and Property From Damage?

Another inquiry that you want to make into your prospective roofing contractors is the protection they will use and preventive measures they will take ensuring that there will be no damage to your driveway, property, or even adjoining properties near your home. You certainly don’t want to receive a call from your neighbor that they have a broken window due to a flying shingle due to your roof installation job.

How Will You Handle Payments?

Perhaps your roofing contractor requires a percentage of the cost upfront. If this is the case, you want to ask how much money is required to secure the roofing job.

Contact Your Michigan Roofing Company For Expert Roof Repair

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