Need Roof Work? Key Questions To Ask Roofing Companies

Anyone who owns property knows very well that one of the most important areas for upkeep in any building is the roof. Avoiding leaks is essential to maintaining the property and keeping it in good condition. At some point, it will be time for a roof repair project or even a roof replacement. If that’s your situation, here are some key questions to discuss with roofing companies before you decide which local roofer will be doing the project on your property.


Ask About a Roof Estimate


A critical step before any project begins is making sure that you get a roof estimate. Roofing companies provide an estimate of the cost of the project. This should include all the materials, including nails, flashing, gutters, roof covering, and more. In addition, if you are replacing the roof, the estimate should also include prices for renting a dumpster, heavy equipment if needed, hauling away debris, and the removal of the old roof.


Ask About a Roof Inspection


When you are having work done on your roof, roofing companies should also conduct a roof inspection. This is a routine process, where the roofer assesses the integrity of the roof, how long it will last, and the condition of the shingles on the exterior. Also, the ventilation system and insulation in the attic of a home should be checked for leaks, mold, and dampness, as well.


Ask About the Materials


One of the first things to consider when you are having work done on your roof is the type of roofing materials that will be used in the project. Roofing companies are experienced with many different types of materials. For instance, asphalt shingles are quite popular. Today, metal roofs are very low maintenance and last a very long time, around 30 years. The professional working at the roofing company may have some great options that you have not considered yet, so be sure to listen to their advice.


Ask about Energy Efficiency


Some more information about roofing materials: choosing the right roofing materials can save you a lot of money! The correct, energy-efficient materials can actually cut down on the energy needs of your home. This will lower your energy bills. Not only will this be attractive to you as the homeowner here and now, but in the future, as well. Should you decide to sell your home, having an energy-efficient system could be a major selling point.


Ask About Roof Repairs


Be sure to find out about repairs on the type of material that you have chosen for your roof. In particular, make sure you know approximately what the repairs will cost. Some materials are a lot more expensive than others. You may have a small section that needs to be repaired, or you could need a larger repair project. The price of a repair in the future may be a consideration when you are deciding on the materials you will be using on your roof.


Ask About Warranty and Upkeep

Roofing companies are well aware that commercial and residential roofing projects are a big deal for property owners. Whether it is a roof repair or a complete roof replacement, as projects go, the process is involved. So be sure to consider the durability of the materials that will be used in your project. Find out about the warranty on the materials as well as from the roofing company. In addition, be sure you understand what type of upkeep your roof will require. And of course, as always, get everything in writing.

Taking care of a roof requires attention to detail, research, and most of all, being thorough. Asking roofing companies these pertinent questions will get you on track for a good, successful project. Having the job completed will give you the satisfaction of knowing it was done well and will be secure for many years to come.

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