Michigan Roofing Companies | Top 4 characteristics of a great roofing company

With so many Michigan roofing companies and contractors on the market, we’re not surprised it’s difficult to pinpoint top characteristics of a great roofing company. Herbert Roofing – your local roofing company in the Saginaw, MI area – is here to make your experience a great one. With extensive licensing & warranties, written quotes after consultations, and references, we are one of the top roofing companies in the state of Michigan.

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Licensed Roofing Companies

Before you delve any further into a roofing company, make sure the business and its roofers are properly licensed. In the state of Michigan, roofers require a state license from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Before applying, all roofers who are granted a license must complete extensive roofing education and an exam. All roofing licenses should be separate from a business license, ensuring your roofing company and its employees are skilled in replacing and repairing roofs, as well as building code compliance.

It’s easy to ask your new company for license information, and if your request is disregarded, look elsewhere for a great roofing company. Don’t waste your time with unlicensed businesses!

Warranty Coverage

A roofing company may provide basic insurance coverage, but a great roofing company will offer expanded warranties only certified installers can offer. At Herbert Roofing, our roofers go through extensive training through shingle manufacturers. Many companies are not certified by the shingle manufacturer, and if your roof fails, the warranty may be invalid. When investing in a new roof or replacement, make sure you have the option to receive Material Defect Coverage, which ranges from a 10 year to lifetime warranty.

On top of a shingle warranty, it’s important your roofing company has liability insurance and workers’ compensation. These insurances cover all expenses related to accidental property damage or worksite injuries. It is very risky to have someone work on your roof with no insurance; you can mitigate this risk by making sure your company provides insurance for its workers!

Written Quotes & References

Most roofing companies conduct consultations, where a roofing employee inspects your roof and any related damage. All companies should provide you with a written quote for services estimation. However, this is not always the case. We recommend you do not work with anyone that provides verbal estimations, as the price is not guaranteed, and you might end up paying more than you initially thought for their services. Quality roofing companies will always give you a written quote at the end of the consultation and take the time to go through any questions you have about the process. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Buying Local

You’ve heard it before – buy local! The same goes for local roofing companies. Local roofing companies have already been vetted by your community members, ensuring your roofing job will be done right. Plus, you’ll be supporting locally owned businesses – and there’s a good chance they’ll support your business, too.

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