It’s time to replace your roof. Top questions to ask when you’re selecting a local roofing company in Michigan.

So, you’ve found a handful of local roofing companies you’re interested in, but what do you ask them? How do you know their team will perform quality work?

With any company, it’s a good idea to ask questions related to their work and experience. As installing or repairing a roof is an investment, you want to make sure your investment is worth it. Herbert Roofing Company understands hiring a local roofing company takes a lot of time and research, so we’ve helped prepare a few questions for your next roofing conversation:

How long has your company been in business?

This question may seem trivial but is extremely important. Whether you are looking to hire a roofing company or contractor, make sure to ask them about their experience in the industry. Additionally, ask about the team members a roofing company hires. In general, your roofing company and team members should have at least ten years of experience installing and repairing roofs.

Do you hire licensed roofers and subcontractors?

Even though a roofing company may have three decades of experience in the roofing industry doesn’t mean they hire the most qualified roofing team members. When asking about experience, also ask about the type of workerss the business hires.

If a project is particularly large, a roofing company may hire subcontractors. It’s important to know and understand how your company finds and hires subcontractors, as they may not have the same training and qualifications as the roofing company’s team members. In general, make sure all individuals working on your home are licensed and have prior work experience in the roofing business.

Do you provide a warranty on your work?

Most roofing companies provide a roofing warranty, but not all warranties are the same. It’s not surprising, but most roofing warranties are put in place to protect the manufacturer or company; not the home- or businessowner. Before signing off on a roofing project, make sure to ask these additional questions to understand what is covered with your purchase:

  • What does a typical roof warranty cover? What doesn’t it cover?
  • What are my responsibilities for maintaining my roof warranty?
  • What is the term of my warranty?
  • What happens if I sell my home or property?
  • What can void my roof warranty?

Can I have a list of three references?

Many homeowners forget to ask this question! A roofing company should always provide you with a short list of references you can contact. By speaking with individuals who have gone through the roofing process with a specific company, you have a better understanding of expectations, quality and service.

We know you’ll have a lot of questions when choosing your next Michigan roofing company. Know you are not alone in the process, and Herbert Roofing Company’s leadership team members are always happy to help in any way possible. Whether you have questions regarding what type of roof is best for your home or want to know more about the warranty process at our company, contact us, today!

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