Is Ice and Water Shield Important When Replacing a Michigan Roof

We’ve all had some of kind of water damage in our years of home ownership.  But what if we told you there was a simple fix to your water damage woes?  If you’ve recently experienced damage or need of a full roof replacement, installing an ice and water shield can save you money and headache later down the road.  Read on to learn more about ice and water roof shields and if one is right for your home:

What is an Ice & Water Shield?

Homeowners use ice and water shields to strengthen the foundation of the roof, so it’s more durable to ice build-up, especially in Michigan winters.  Typically, the shield is made of rubberized asphalt, which is applied on the roof of your home, covering exposed roof decking edges and eves.  If you’re looking to reduce the chances of water damage – an ice and water shield is the way to go.

How Does it Prevent Home Water Damage?

In areas where strong storms are prevalent, it’s easy for the wind to push rainwater or ice under shingles, which can result in water damage if left long enough.  By installing an ice and water membrane, you can reduce the chances of water creeping under the roof and causing a major leak.  This is especially useful since some homeowners’ insurance policies and FEMA may not cover wind-driven water damage.

Where Should an Ice & Water Shield Go?

A good roofer will place the shield along the edge of the roof overhang – about 6 to 9 feet above the ground.  In addition to this, shields should be placed in the valleys and eves of your roof to provide maximum protection against water and ice build-up.  The general rule is to install the material 24-inches past the nearest interior wall – but more is always better than less.

Be wary of roofers that want to install a membrane over your entire roof.  There are certain brands and building codes that require a full-roof membrane; however, most residential homes do not need this extra coverage.

Is it Necessary to Have an Ice & Water Shield?

Since Michigan homes tend to be prone to ice dams, we recommend our clients install an ice and water shield around the roof.  There will be an added cost if you choose to protect your home with an ice and water barrier.  However, if you have a well-ventilated attic, an ice and water shield can save you thousands in water damage.

Interested in adding a roof membrane to your next full replacement?  Contact us at Herbert Roofing in Howell to see if an ice and water shield is right for your home.  We specialize in roofing repairs and replacements and cannot wait to protect your home this winter season.

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