How to Eliminate Roof Ice Dams During Michigan Winters

As we head into the height of winter season in Michigan, it’s important to maintain your roof basics so you can avoid issues in the spring and summer.  Often, homeowners forget about roof maintenance and let snow sit on top of their roofs or icicles grow along the lower edges.  Keeping your roof free of snow and ice is the best thing you can do to eliminate the formation of ice dams during Michigan winters.  Read on to see the tips our expert roofing professionals have put together to ensure a safe winter for you and your family:

Basic Winter Maintenance in Michigan Winters

Basic winter maintenance is necessary in Michigan and can easily be done if you have a ladder or roof rake.  We recommend trying these tips in the following months to prevent costly damage to your roof and home:

  • Clear any debris prior to a major snowfall or winter storm – You don’t want debris, leaves, and branches to be packed on top of your roof after a major snowstorm. To ensure this doesn’t happen, rake any existing snow or ice off your roof in alignment with the forecast.
  • Remove snow and ice as soon as possible – Although it may be pretty to look at, packed snow is a detriment to your home. Don’t be the home that has a roof collapse due to heavy snow and ice on your roof.
  • Check your attic for pests, as well as proper insulation – If you’ve noticed noises in the attic or damage to gutters and siding, it’s time to check for winter pests. Pest holes – as well as improper insulation and ventilation – can lead to a build-up of condensation and moisture in your home (which is never welcome).
  • Get a roofing inspection by your local professional – You can always contact your local professionals for a full inspection of your roof. They will identify any weaknesses or areas that need repair prior to the worst of the winter season.

How to Deal with Ice Dams Before They Form

Some ice dams can be removed by raking the snow from your roof before they even melt – but that can be tedious and time-consuming.  If you travel or don’t have the ability to rake your roof after every snowfall, it’s best to invest in heated cables or calcium chloride deicing.  Heated cables can easily be attached to your roof and melt any snow before ice can form, whereas deicing is an effective way to melt ice dams that have already formed on your roof.

Contact Your Local Roofing Experts at Herbert Roofing

Need a roof inspection or repair fixed before the end of the year?  Contact our expert roofing team at Herbert’s Roofing.  Whether you’re looking to make sure your home is safe for the upcoming winter months or have a larger problem at hand, ask us to provide a free roof inspections and estimate for any damage.

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