How To Deal with Green Moss on Roof Shingles

A mossy roof may seem like a cozy touch to your home’s aesthetic, but it can be a significant problem for your shingles. Moss on your roof can lead to decay and damage, which can be costly. Therefore, taking the necessary steps to remove and prevent moss growth on your roof shingles is essential. This blog will discuss why moss is terrible for shingles and how to remove and prevent moss growth.

Why is moss bad for shingles?

Moss can create a host of problems for your shingles. For starters, moss can trap moisture, leading to the rotting of your shingles. Over time, this can cause your shingles to deteriorate, leading to leaks and structural damage. Moss can also create an unsightly appearance, reducing your home’s curb appeal. Furthermore, a mossy roof can make it harder to attract buyers if you ever decide to sell your home.

How to remove moss from your roof

The best way to remove moss from your roof is by combining physical removal and chemical treatment. To physically remove moss, use a long-handled scrub brush to scrub away the moss. Wear shoes with good traction and take extra care when working on a wet roof. After removing the moss, use a chemical treatment to kill any remaining spores. You can find a range of moss-killing chemicals at your local home improvement store.

How to prevent moss on your new roof

Installing zinc or copper strips is the best way to prevent moss from growing on your roof. These metal strips are installed near the peak of your roof and work by releasing metal ions that prevent moss growth. You can find these strips at most home improvement stores, which are relatively easy to install. Another way to prevent moss growth is by trimming back any overhanging branches that shade your roof. Moss thrives in damp, shady conditions, so reducing shade can help prevent moss growth. Check out these DIY solutions and stop by your local home improvement store!

Contact the experts to help with your moss removal

Contact the experts if you’re uncomfortable removing moss from your roof or have a large area of moss growth. A professional roofing company can safely and effectively remove moss from your roof using specialized tools and techniques. They can also provide advice on how to prevent future moss growth.

To sum up, the growth of moss on your roof can severely harm your shingles and negatively affect the appearance of your home. Nonetheless, you can safeguard your roof by physically removing the moss, applying chemical treatments, and implementing measures to prevent its future growth. If you need help with how to go about removing or preventing moss growth, it’s always best to seek the help of a professional roofing company.

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