Where to Get a Free Energy Audit in Michigan, and How They Can Help Save Money

As we head into the last week of winterization month, you may be asking yourself: how can I save a little bit of cash?  Lucky for you, Michigan offers free energy audits for those that qualify.  On top of the federal program, there are many other efforts to shrink household bills and emissions:


What is an energy audit?

Energy audits have been used to help families improve their energy efficiency, directly leading to lower utility bills.  Expert energy auditors use diagnostic technology to identify where energy efficiency could be improved and provide recommendations for that improvement.  This year alone, the federal winterization program has reduced household energy costs by nearly $300 annually for ~1,300 Michigan families.


How can an energy audit help save money?

With heating and cooling accounting for 43% energy in the United States, there is a lot of opportunity for homeowners implement improvements, such as adding insulation or air sealing windows and other similar spots.  Even on the sustainability side, research shows residential energy makes up 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions.  At the end of the day, decreased utility bills not only save money – but are better for the environment nation-wide.


How can I schedule an energy audit in Michigan?

You can schedule your energy audit with several Michigan agencies and organizations.  Make sure to check your eligibility for the program prior to submitting a request:

  • Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) – MDHHS offers winterization recommendations and assistance to low-income families with energy costs. You’ll have to review the Home Heating Credit Claim Instruction Book for details and complete the 1040CR-7 Claim Form to apply.
  • Consumers Energy – Consumers Energy runs a Home Energy Analysis (HEA) program that provides a customized report with energy savings recommendations – at no cost to you. With simple ways to reduce your energy usage, you’ll be on track to decrease your utility bill.
  • Your Local Roofing Company: Herbert’s – Your local roofing company may provide a free energy assessment with energy saving recommendations. At Herbert Roofing, we are always looking to help with winterization and energy audits.  Let us know if you’d like us to conduct a free inspection.


What are some recommended energy-saving tips I should know?

There are plenty of energy efficiency tips you can adopt to decrease your monthly utility bill.  Consider trying these activities, recommended by Consumers Energy:

  • Install smart power strips to automatically turn off electricity if unused
  • Upgrade your current lightbulbs to LED lighting
  • Set your refrigerator for optimum cooling
  • Use the cold- or cool-cycle on your washing machine
  • Close and seal your doors and windows


Interested in seeing what you can do to decrease your energy usage, and ultimately, your energy bill?  Contact us at Herbert Roofing to get a free energy audit and estimate.

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