Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Replacing My Roof?

Whether it be existing roof damage or just on your mind, you may be wondering: will my insurance cover a full roof replacement?  No matter the case, we’re here to help you navigate the waters of homeowners insurance, what’s covered – and what’s not.

What to Know About Your Roof Coverage

Homeowners insurance typically comes in two different flavors: repair coverage and replacement coverage.  In either case, many insurance companies will reimburse you for a percentage of the repair cost.  Most roofing damage and full replacement will not qualify for full insurance coverage unless it is an act of nature or unpreventable accident.  For example, hailstorm or fallen tree damage is typically covered by insurance, but wear-and-tear damage comes out of your pocket.  That’s why it’s so important to protect your home against future damage; you’ll pay upfront but save thousands later.

Special Considerations for Roof Damage

Depending on the situation, it may be difficult to get 100% coverage for your damaged roof.  As we mentioned before, if a storm leads to a major event – like a fallen tree – coverage is likely.  However, sometimes the underlying damage cause is not so obvious.  A storm that rips off a handful of shingles could be classified as cosmetic damage – and therefore, not covered by insurance.  When speaking with your insurance company about damage and submitting claims, we recommend our clients respectively pushback when dealing with barriers.  At the end of the day, the worst-case scenario is your homeowner’s insurance says ‘no’.

How You Can Prevent Future Roof Damage

The best thing you can do to avoid unnecessary damage costs is protectively protect your roof.  Instead of taking a reactive approach with repairs, we recommend doing the following on a regular basis:

  • Start with the attic – You can easily get moisture build-up without proper attic ventilation. We recommend taking the time to inspect your attic and any ventilation needs prior to doing any proactive roofing repairs.
  • Take proper care of your property – Trees and hedges can pose as problems when it comes to hefty Michigan storms. To prevent any large branches from falling on your home, simply trim overhanging trees to reduce risk.
  • Get a regular inspection – Nothing is worse than paying thousands in repairs for something that was preventable. Avoid this by getting an annual inspection by your local roofing company in Michigan, so you can catch the small problems before they become bigger.
  • Add a protective layer – If you’re looking to replace your roof soon, consider purchasing a protective ice and water barrier. We guarantee you’ll be happy you did if your home is prone to ice dams and wind damage.

Need a roof replacement or looking to get an inspection?  Contact the experts at Herbert Roofing in Howell, MI.  We provide free estimates for all roof repairs and replacements, so you’ll know the upfront cost going into the project.

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