Can I Protect My Roof from Hail Damage?

Although we are enjoying some of the best weather Michigan has to offer right now, the fall and winter seasons will be here faster than you know it.  With colder weather comes greater opportunity for hail and storm damage to your home.  At Herbert Roofing, our experts want to make sure you are prepared for the upcoming months.  As we head into the fall, make sure you are well prepared by reading up on some of the most common questions our expert team fields:

What is hail damage?

In the winter season, it is not uncommon for hailstones to result in physical roof damage, especially if your roof was built using cheaper materials.  With a particularly large hailstorm, hailstones can penetrate underlaying layers of shingles and the protective barrier underneath shingles that prevents water from leaking into your home.  To secure your home’s roof, this damage must be repaired in a timely manner.

Why should I be worried about hail damage?

Hail damage not only causes immediate roofing damage, but also decreases the integrity of your home over time.  Although cracked or broken shingles are easy to fix, an entire roof takes time – and money.  Additionally, damage from hailstones may void certain roofing warranties due to hail being classified as an “act of God.”  To ensure your property is secure, we recommend using only the best materials and protective layers to decrease the risk of your roof failing this winter season.

How do I know if my roof has hail damage?

Hail damage is easy to spot.  Before closing out your summer, check for large holes or chunks missing out of your shingles.  This physical change, as well as any observed leaks in your home, are good reasons to call your local roofing company for repair.  Make sure to call well in advance of the winter season, so you are well prepared for new hailstorms that come your way!

Can I protect my roof from hail damage?

There is no way to 100% guarantee roof protection from hail and other winter storms in the state of Michigan.  However, there are a few actions you can take to ensure the best protection against snow and hail this winter season.  By working with a reliable roofing company and qualified contractors that are familiar with Michigan elements, you can use weather resistant materials that are better suited for frequent storms and the cold.

From cracked shingles to major roof leaks, we have seen the best- and worst-case scenarios due to hail damage.  Our reliable, qualified experts at Herbert Roofing are here to make sure your home’s roof is ready for this winter season.  If you think your home has sustained hail damage or want to get your roof evaluated, let our expert team know.  We are happy to provide a free roofing inspection and repair estimate for you and your family.

Make sure your home is protected for upcoming winter storms today!

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