Roof Replacement Brighton Michigan

Time to invest in a Brighton Michigan Roof Replacement?

A new roof can have a lifespan of 20+ years, but it doesn’t last forever.  It’s always worth investing in quality, long-lasting roofing materials from the start – even if it is more expensive – since you’ll save money in the long run when replacing a roof in Brighton.  Instead of spending on yearly repairs, spend money on a quality roof replacement that will provide you a high return on your investment.  At Herbert Roofing, we use only the best roofing materials, so you know your investment is in good hands.

Ensuring High-Quality Roof Replacement Warranties

Even with expert roofing contractors and high-quality materials, roofs fail sometimes.  If this happens to you and your home, you want to make sure your investment is covered.  One of the best ways you can protect your roof is by getting a warranty with your purchase.  Lucky for you, Herbert Roofing is able to offer expanded warranties that only certified installers can offer.  Whether you are interested in GAF, CertainTeed, Duro-Last or GAP TPO roofing materials, Herbert Roofing can ensure roofing warranties for up to 50 years.

What to Consider When Hiring a Contractor in Brighton Michigan and surrounding areas

As there are many factors to consider when hiring a roofing contractor, a handful always rise to the top.  If you’re in the market to hire a local, Brighton roofing contractor, make sure to ask about the following:

  • Insurance – All roofing contractors should have liability insurance, as well as workers compensation insurance. No insurance to their name?  No need to move forward with their services.
  • Warranty – As we mentioned before, warranty can make or break a purchase. Some less qualified Brighton, MI contractor and businesses may offer lower tier roofing warranties.  Make sure to read the fine print and know what you purchase before signing the contract.
  • Referrals – Getting a referral can be one of the best ways to hire a trusted, qualified contractor. If one of your close friends or family members recently has roofing work done, ask about who they hired and if they would recommend them.
  • Communication – No one likes a contractor that doesn’t keep them in the loop. If you are already on edge when initially communicating with a roofing contractor or business, it’s probably better to look elsewhere.
  • Contract – We cannot stress this enough: get everything in writing. Whether it be a quote or other agreed upon contract elements, make sure it’s written in the contract.

Why Choose Herbert Roofing for your next Michigan Roof Replacement?

Herbert Roofing has been serving Michigan since 1973.  From roofing repairs all the way to roof replacements, we are your one-stop-shop for all things roofing.  With our attention to detail, quality selection of roofing materials, and extended warranty offerings, we aim to deliver exceptional professional roofing services to our customers.  We strongly believe that “your roof is only as good as the company that puts it on”, and we practice what we preach.  And you don’t have to take our word for it – just take a look at what our customers have to say.



All Our Work is Back by Our Warranty to Perform to Your Satisfaction!

At Herbert Roofing & Insulation, Inc., all our employees are thoroughly trained and/or certified roofing professionals.


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