9 Amazing Benefits of Choosing Metal Roofs for Your Home

Residential metal roofing is experiencing a resurgence, with its market share tripling over the last decade. Metal roofs are an attractive option that offers longevity, efficiency, and increased home value with minimal maintenance cost. Here are nine of the most impressive advantages of metal roofs over other roofing materials:

1. Durability

A survey by Ducker Research company shows service life and lifecycle cost rank highest on buyer’s considerations for a new roof. Metal roofs have an average lifespan of about 40-70 years. The tough roofing material is resistant to harsh weather conditions such as heat, snow, hail, and winds.

2. Safety

Metal roofs are made from non-combustible materials that assign the roofing a class-A fire rating. The roof is less likely to catch fire after wildfires and lightning strikes. Galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion, mold growth, and warping, making it safer for your family to sleep under a solid roofing system.

3. Versatility

Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, and galvanized steel are some of the common metals used in roof sheets manufacture. The panels come in a wide range of profiles to choose from. The different styles and colors allow for easier customization of your roofing system.

4. Lightweight

Metal roofs are relatively lighter than other roofing materials, weighing between 50-150 pounds per square foot. The not-so-heavy roofing requires less beam support, reducing the strain on your building structure. This property also allows residential roofing contractors to install the metal panels over the current roof.

5. Better Aesthetic Appeal

Metal roofs have a sleek, chic appearance that enhances the beauty of your home. The designs can fit any architectural style, blending in different colors. Stone-coated steel roofs can also simulate the tile, shake, or shingle appearance for an elegant, modern finish.

6. Sustainability

The drive for greener roofing option is on. Eco-friendly roofing is becoming less of a desire and more of a mandatory requirement through modern building and energy codes. Metal is the ultimate green roofing material, given that all components are 100% recyclable.

7. Improved Energy Efficiency

Installing a new metal roof can reduce the strain on your HVAC systems, thus saving on energy costs. The sound roof design reflects light and quickly dissipates extra heat, protecting your home from extreme temperatures. Metal roofing can decrease up to 30% of your total utility bills.

8. Easy Installation

The lightweight nature of metal roofs makes it relatively easy to erect the roofing system. The roof curbs and opening are engineered at the factory, easing the process of interlocking the different panels. The roofing company can also easily re-roof your home without tearing the roof up.

9. Worthy Investment

While the initial cost may be relatively higher, metal roofs gradually pay back with time. The better energy performance allows you to save on your utility bills. The low maintenance needs mean you will spend less time worrying about re-shingling and re-roofing. The house has a better curb value, attracting higher prices when you decide to sell the home.

In Conclusion

Metal roofs are quickly gaining popularity over other roofing systems. Homeowners replacing shingles and tiles with metal enjoy better energy efficiency, durability, and sustainability. Choose a roof that will never stress you to maintain. For more information on how you can get a metal roof installed, contact us today.

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