4 Questions To Ask When Replacing Your Brighton Michigan Roof

If you’re beginning the process of looking for a new roofing company or contractor in Brighton, you probably have a few questions top of mind.  Although it can be difficult finding a roof replacement and repair company in Brighton, there are a few tell-tail signs of quality roofing companies.  Before you start your search, make sure to consider asking these top questions to your next roof replacement company:

How long have you been in business?

Number of years in business often equates to high roof quality and longevity.  Before hiring just any company to replace your Brighton roof, ask about their time in the business and how long they’ve owned the company.  In addition to expertise, you’ll also know a well-established roofing company will still be around if you have roof issues later on down the road.

What training and experience do your employees have?

Along with amount of time in the business, training and experience play big factors in roof replacement quality.  In Michigan, roofing contractors must receive a state license from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, including completion of sixty hours of education and an exam.  There is a difference in quality when hiring an unlicensed contractor and a team of experienced Brighton roofers – don’t find out the difference with your first roofing replacement!

What does the warranty for a new roof include?

When it comes to Brighton Michigan roof repair, the last thing you want is a roof with no warranty.  Before signing on the dotted line, ask if a warranty is included in the cost of the roof – and what the warranty actually includes.  It’s important to read the warranty fine print, since some differ widely from others in the marketplace.  At Herbert Roofing, we believe in providing our customers with the best warranties.  On top of our quality repairs and replacements, our roofing certifications allow us to offer expanded warranties that only certified installers can offer.  This way, if you have any issues, your roof is covered.

Do you have any contacts I could call for a reference?

Your roof is only as good as the company that puts it on.  It can be difficult to pinpoint whether a Brighton Michigan roofing company is good or not; that’s where references can come in handy.  When discussing jobs and costs with a roofing company, always ask for a handful of customer references you can call.  If the company cannot provide you with any, you know to look elsewhere.  Just make sure to do a little more online research after you call a few references, so you have all your bases covered.

Herbert Roofing has been the go-to local roof replacement company in Michigan since 1973.  If you are looking to ask roofing-related questions or receive a free roof inspection and estimate, contact the experts at Herbert Roofing.  We  guarantee a quality customer service and roof replacement experience, no matter what type of roof or repair you need.

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