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4 Benefits of Regular Residential Roof Cleanings

It’s recommended that you have your roof professionally cleaned by residential roofing contractors every one to two years. Cleaning your roof is not something you should attempt to complete on your own due to the complexity involved and the damage to roofing materials if a roof is improperly cleaned. Most homeowners need to be made aware that their roof needs to be cleaned regularly, so they wonder what the benefits are of a professionally cleaned roof. Here are three of those benefits.

Helps to Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof

One of the reasons why residential roof cleaning can be beneficial is because it helps extend your roof’s lifespan. Many of the materials removed from your roof during the cleaning process, including algae and bird droppings, can damage your home. By removing these items, you can help your roof last longer. According to Angi, proper and regular roof cleanings help maximize your asphalt shingle life to last over 25 years.

Helps to Increase Curb Appeal of Your Home

Another benefit of hiring residential roofing contractors to clean your roof regularly is that it helps to increase your home’s curb appeal. Roof cleaning helps to remove dirt, dust, pollen, and other residue that can make your roofing materials look faded or aged. This helps to improve the overall look and aesthetic of the exterior of your home.

Ensures You Meet the Requirements of Your Roofing Material Warranty

The final benefit of routine residential roof cleaning is that it ensures you meet the requirements of your roofing warranty. To maintain the warranty, you must ensure your roofing materials, including regular cleaning, are appropriately cared for and maintained. Your roofing material warranty may be voided if you fail to maintain and clean your roofing shingles, tiles, or panels.

Keeping your roof clean is essential to keep your home and family protected. Residential roofing contractors can work with you to devise a maintenance schedule for your roof, including roof cleaning. Contact us today, and let’s work together to ensure your roof lasts a long time.

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