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3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Michigan Roof

Many homeowners forget about their roof and how often it needs to be replaced.  Decades go by quick!  The standard residential roof lasts between 20-25 years, with regular maintenance and repairs.  Before we hop into spring, it’s important to check to see if your home needs roof repair & replacement. Here are the three most common signs your roof may need to be replaced soon:

Sign #1: Shingles That Don’t Look Quite Right

Whether they be cracked, curled, or missing, damaged shingles must be taken care of properly.  It’s easy to complete minor repairs on a few damaged shingles, but a replacement should be considered for more severe damage.  Unfortunately, it’s easy for Michigan winter storms to crack – and even tear off – shingles completely.  Curling shingles can also be a result of poor attic ventilation or subpar shingle installation.  If you notice your shingles don’t look quite right, don’t hesitate to get a free roof inspection and estimate from your local experts at Herbert Roofing.

Sign #2: Water Damage or Noticeable Leaks

Water damage can easily lead to major roof problems – including collapse.  Some leaks are easy to spot and can be fixed quickly by a professional.  We recommend thoroughly inspecting your roof for any water damage or leaks at least twice a year.  It’s easy to inspect your attic and crawlspace for damp insulation, water stains, or warped wood – and you’ll save money and headache in the long run if you uncover a problem sooner rather than later.

Sign #3: Old Age

Roofs don’t last forever.  If you’ve had the same roof on your house for more than 20 years, there’s a good chance it needs to be replaced.  Although there is no set time for when to replace your roof, they typically only last 25 years with proper maintenance and care.  With newer technology, there are now roofs that can last longer than the typical 25 years.  Make sure to discuss these options with your local roofing company, so your roof will last a lifetime.

Why Should I Proactively Replace My Roof?

Owning a home means increased responsibility – which includes roof repair & replacement.  We recommend replacing your roof before damage gets out of control.  Mold, water damage, and insect or animal infestation can lead to structural damage, which reduces the integrity of your home. By replacing your roof sooner rather than later, you can avoid structural damage and potentially save up to 15% on these repairs.

Do you think your home may need a new roof?  Contact our expert Michigan roofers at Herbert Roofing.  We provide free roofing inspections and estimates, so you know what repairs need to be completed and the associated cost.  Our estimates are clear, transparent, and you won’t get any price ‘surprises’ later down the road like other roofing companies.

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